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Do you only work with HypnoBirthing clients as a doula?
No. As a doula I work with all parents regardless of whether they took a HypnoBirthing class. Some parents have studied other popular methods of natural childbirth and other parents take childbirth classes through the hospital where they plan on delivering. As a doula, my job is to support the birth plan and wishes of all parents.

If I plan on having a hospital birth, how does a doula interact with the hospital staff during labor?
As a doula, I work solely for parents, not the hospital, and am there to fully support their wishes. My experience has show that a calm and positive demeanor leads to fast forming relationships with caregivers and hospital staff.

I have a very supportive partner who wants to be actively involved during labor. Does having a doula prevent that?
No. Having a doula enhances a birth partner’s ability to support moms. A doula not only supports mothers physically and emotionally during labor, they also support partners giving them the ability to take bathroom breaks, rest, and eat while ensuring the laboring mom is never left alone.

If there is an emergency, do you have a back-up doula?
Back-up doulas are available in the rare case that I am at another birth ensuring clients are properly supported.

How do you feel about the use of pain medication (such as epidurals) during labor?My job is to support parent’s individual birth choices and to help them create their vision through childbirth education and labor support. I support and educate families so that they can make informed choices. As a childbirth educator and doula I do not impose my personal views and vision of birth on parents. Instead, I provided evidence-based information in order for parents to make informed decisions with their caregivers.

If I’m planning a hospital birth, is HypnoBirthing right for me?
Absolutely. Many HypnoBirthing moms choose to give birth in a hospital setting. HypnoBirthing guides parents in how to choose a caregiver that is the best fit for them. It also gives parents a detailed guide on how to navigate the hospital setting, informing them of their rights and providing them with key questions to ask hospital staff as labor progresses.

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