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The Whole Family Is in Good Hands with Dr. Lord

As printed in The Rye Record, July 20, 2018 issue


Dr. Stephanie Lord

While many head to the chiropractor for treatment to alleviate pain from a slipped disc or for help in recovering mobility after an injury, the benefits of chiropractic care are many, especially for pregnant women.

Dr. Stephanie Lord, who opened Active Chiropractic of Rye in 2012, loves working with expectant mothers and began doing so back in Toronto, where she practiced previously for a decade. She specializes in the Webster Method, a gentle technique that helps expectant mothers achieve proper pelvic alignment and nervous system function. Her own OB/GYN referred other patients to her who were experiencing symptoms ranging from headaches, lower back, neck, shoulder and rib pain, to sciatica.

“I treated one mother who had experienced over 20 years of pelvic pain that had repeatedly been dismissed by her doctors,” she noted. Lord was able to properly identify the problem and implement the correct treatment plan, offering relief to this mother.

For pregnant patients, Lord creates a specific treatment plan tailored to their needs. She utilizes a special pregnancy pillow during sessions and various positions that are most comfortable for expecting women. As labor and birth approach, proper pelvic alignment can ease delivery.

“Pregnancy places a huge demand on a woman’s body,” explained Lord. “As anterior weight increases, it puts stress on the posterior. By making proper adjustments, the mother can offload stress on the spine, muscles, and ligaments so that the pelvis is able to relax into proper position for delivery. For birth you want the mechanics of the pelvis to work optimally.”

During pregnancy, women produce the hormone relaxin, which allows the ligaments in the pelvis to soften in preparation for birth. Lord recommends coming in 6 to 8 weeks after the birth in order to help the pelvis return to its normal position as this hormone leaves the body, and the ligaments to relax correctly. For many women, pressure on the rib cage increases and you want it to return to normal.

Whether nursing or not, many women experience upper back pain that can be alleviated. A postnatal maintenance course can help to relax the nervous system and help women feel better following childbirth.

As a mother of four — Zachary, 12, Sophia, 11, and twins Max and Madison, 4 — Lord understands the benefits of chiropractic care of children. She sees infants starting at birth experiencing reflux, gas pain, and sleep issues. For children under 2, she uses specialized techniques including gentle touch and pressure. “The nervous system has an innate healing ability and it doesn’t require major manipulation at this age.”

Lord employs sinus massage and other techniques to treat allergies and ear infections. She also specializes in working with children with conditions ranging from ADHD to autism.

Lord, who holds a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition, focuses on proper nutrition for pregnant patients, and patients experiencing stomach issues, trying to lose weight, and those in need of a metabolism reboot.

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