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Welcome to Confident Birth

Welcome to CB!

Anxious about giving birth? We understand and are here to help.

Our philosophy is simple. At Confident Birth it is our goal to help each woman achieve HER ideal birth whether in hospital, home, or birth center.

No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, it’s never too late to achieve the peaceful pregnancy and gentle birth you envision. This all sounds pleasant, but how likely is it, you ask? Women often view labor and birth as something to be feared and endured. Many stories we hear describe birth as something to be suffered through and the images on TV and in movies reinforce these stereotypes.

During my first pregnancy, the more I began to show, the more I became a magnet for pregnancy “war stories”. From co-workers to friends, countless women told me their birth stories, most of them negative. I internalized these stories and began to believe that I too would have a hard labor and birth.

The good news is other women’s experiences do not have to become yours. You do not have to fear birth. If you want a gentle birth you can have it. I know this from personal experience. A few years after a difficult birth with my son, I became pregnant with my daughter. I knew I wanted a different experience so I did something about it. I hired a wonderful doula who supported me throughout my pregnancy and labor. I also took her HypnoBirthing class and learned about the physiology of birth, how my birth muscles actually work, how to breathe during labor, how to put myself into a deep state of relaxation (self-hypnosis) and I had a beautiful birth.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to birth her baby with ease but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. But you can change this. It starts with education. When parents are educated about the birth process and their choices, they can make informed decisions.

My deepest wish is that every pregnant woman is treated with kindness during birth, that her care-providers respect her wishes, and that when she looks back on her birth she remembers it in a positive light. When a woman views her birth positively, it stays with her and carries her gently into the postpartum period enveloping her with warmth as she bonds and cares for her new sweet baby.



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