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Work Through Play at The Therapy Nest

As printed in The Rye Record, August 24, 2018 issue

Rachel Fleming

For the past four years, pediatric occupational therapist and Rye mom Rachel Fleming has been helping families in our community at The Therapy Nest in Rye Brook. Through therapeutic use of daily activities, Fleming helps children overcome difficulties they may have with handwriting, playing with toys, engaging with peers, completing school tasks, or honing fine and gross motor skills.

At the Therapy Nest, children enjoy playing in the Sensory Gym, a room filled with swings, climbing apparatus, and other exciting equipment. Adjacent to the gym, children work on their fine motor skills in fun ways.

Sensory Gym at The Therapy Nest

“Parents often approach occupational therapy believing that their child has a specific issue that needs to be addressed, such as difficulty using scissors or transitions from one activity to another,” says Fleming. “Through my evaluation process, we work to determine why the child may be having those difficulties, which can range from visual perception problems to the inability to sequence, and then work with parents on a plan of action.”

Fleming develops a specific plan tailored to each child. Following an evaluation, she will recommend strategies parents can implement at home or in one-on-one sessions. “The goal of OT is for an individual to receive the help they need in order to fully participate in their environment,” she states.

Climbing up in the world

In OT sessions, kids love working with Fleming and experimenting in the gym where they feel safe trying new activities and gain the confidence they need to master new skills on their own.

For Fleming, collaboration with other professionals is essential. She makes school visits and meets with teachers, ensuring that everyone is working from the same plan and towards the same goals. “When children feel successful, they succeed,” she emphasizes.

Fleming works with a wide variety of children who have sensory processing difficulties, low muscle tone, infant developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome, visual perceptual difficulties, and traumatic brain injuries. She also works with infants in tummy-time sessions.

The Therapy Nest is located at 14 Rye Ridge Plaza, Suite 242. Contact or call 914-222-1326.

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